About Us

Hello and welcome to our Sweet Green life 
Here you will find a variety of homemade gluten-free and sugar-free desserts, raw and vegan cakes, also healthy treats to indulge your sweet tooth. We use good-quality organic produce and we really want to give some healthy colors to your sweet life.
Our approach to sweets and baking is healthy, natural, and green. It’s all about good fats, natural sweeteners, only whole grains (no white flour), seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetables. Our baking methods focus on maximum preservation of nutrients.


We are a Ukrainian family - Olesia, Vlad and Camilla.
In 2014, we moved to Amsterdam. We are really pleased that our home is here now, in this beautiful green and flowery country.
We are family who choose a healthy lifestyle as a backbone for happy life. As our passion for sweets is very strong, we started exploring ways to combine these two completely opposite things - sweets and health. We think that now we’ve got enough knowledge, skills, and experience to share with you!


We are open to any kind of challenges, ideas and partnerships.
Order one of the sweet treats from our selection, or contact us to have a custom cake made just for you. We can take one of our offerings as a base, and adapt it to suit your individual preferences, or discuss an option which would be best for you.


We hope that your body and mind will enjoy our products :)